POSTED ON 26/04/2017

Our Installs team were delighted to be approached by Multiplay recently, a subsidiary of high street retailer GAME, as it launched its brand new studio.

Hawthorn has previously worked with Multiplay on the technical production of live events, so when they were looking for support to create a bespoke broadcast studio our team was more than happy to help.

Based at the GAME head office in Basingstoke, this shared broadcast facility will be used for a wide range of live internet gaming programmes.

Steve Wilson, Head of Production and Broadcast at Multiplay, asked us to develop a specialist lighting and acoustic solution for the new broadcast space. Using our extensive experience in this area, we utilised the latest ETC Irideon track lighting system along with ETC’s new ECHO modular control system. LED Tape and drivers from City Theatrical were used to highlight the many faceted set with ETC Desire D22 track fixtures to compliment the colour and mood desired for broadcast.

Additionally, we provided lighting design services for their initial broadcasts and worked closely in developing a feel and look for their programmes.

It was felt by both client and installer that the Echo system provided a simple control solution with Wi-Fi control from a tablet computer. The ETC Irideon proved to be an ideal lighting solution as they were able to provide both key and soft light from the same fixture. By using Eutrack system with control, a neat looking and flexible rig solution was installed.

Since making its debut appearance for Week 1 of the UK Masters League, the studio has been used to broadcast a wide range of programmes to thousands of gamers and fans.

Wilson said: "It was great working with the team at Hawthorn, they understood that we needed flexibility in the space and the solution they provided has been perfect since installation. We had a lot of constraints, both on cost and time to get a working solution in place, and the team worked with us on a tight timeline to get the project up & running with time to spare. I'm sure as we expand into more studio space we'll be working with the team again to put a solution in place!"