Attracting over 5,000 delegates the Adobe Summit EMEA 2016, held at ICC ExCel London, is Europe’s largest digital marketing conference.


Hawthorn delivered the full technical production for the conference, including the main conference plenary which involved flying a Tesla, break-out rooms delivering over 100 sessions and the much anticipated Summit Celebration. Technical production for areas including the engaging social media space and sleek VIP area, were also part of the exciting remit.

In addition to this, lead event agency Taylor Bennett Partners commissioned Hawthorn to create an interactive LED sculpture. Working alongside interactive architectural lighting design specialists, Cinimod, we were briefed with creating a clean and discreet installation. 

It was a true creative collaboration; developed from an idea by Taylor Bennett and realised by the team here at Hawthorn, who worked to bring their vision to life.


Delegates entering the conference registration and exhibition area encountered the colourful overhead LED sculputure upon arrival. Floating above them were 609 individually controllable and pixel mapped 400mm square LED cubes - custom created, programmed and installed by ourselves - which snaked their way through the exhibition space, through the social zone, to the Adobe exhibition stand, where delegates found the interactive element of the sculpture.

The interactive control system for the cubes, developed by Cinimod, used a camera to recognise body movements of those in front of an LED screen. Participants were able to play with and control the cubes on screen, throwing them upwards to join the physical structure, with the chromatic cubes progressing down the full length of the sculpture. To complete the installation we included an LED floor to create a sense of complete immersion in the sculpture.

We engineered a solution to meet the brightness requirements of the cubes whilst allowing us to use very thin cables, giving the illusion that they were floating in mid-air, whilst in reality they were flown on 78 custom metal frames.


“We’re always looking for new ways to immerse, engage and excite delegates and aim to create memorable new Adobe experiences each and every time. This time, we wanted to create something beautiful, intriguing and relevant, as well as downright cool, to lead the way to the Adobe stand at the very heart of the space.

“I had an idea to create an interactive sculpture that resonated with a string of digital data and sent a CAD drawing of the idea to Pete Harding at Hawthorn. Pete’s the guy who brings my ideas to life and I know once I’ve sent something to him, he’ll rise to the creative challenge and find a way to make it happen. 

“It was amazing to see delegates engage and play with the sculpture and it certainly added a new dimension to the Summit experience.”
Russell Bennett, Partner at Taylor Bennett Partners