Focused on the future of digital marketing, over 6,000 delegates from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa headed to Excel London to hear the latest updates from the Adobe Experience Cloud and its partners.

We were tasked by Taylor Bennett Partners to bring their impressive vision to life, delivering the technical production for the main conference plenary, exhibition space, break-out rooms and the highly-anticipated Summit Celebration evening event. 


Inspired by the Adobe Experience cloud, a 500sqm light installation floated gracefully above the Adobe stand. Dreamed up by Russell Bennett, Partner at Taylor Bennett Partners, we collaborated with experiential design studio Cinimod and laser specialist ER Productions to bring his vision to life. Four circle truss structures fitted with 84 Robe 150 beam fixtures and 84 DMX-controlled fans allowed the illuminated material to billow through the air. With interactivity the name of the game, delegates changed the colour of the installation by passing their hands through a cage of 24 laser beams situated in the centre of the Adobe stand.

If one interactive experience wasn’t enough, guests were able to take some time out in the projection mapped chill out space. The area featured a series of deconstructed blocks that came together from a specific focal point to create the Adobe logo. Delegates were able to alter the colour and movement of the logo content in real-time using a handheld replica of the Adobe ‘A’ fitted with an accelerometer. 


This year’s Keynote theatre played host to a host of famous faces, including international human rights attorney Amal Clooney, actor Eddie Redmayne and comedian Jack Whitehall.

With world-leading brands such as Unilever, BT and illycaffè taking to the stage to share their insights, we used fifteen Barco UDX-4K32 projectors to create a mammoth 78-metre-wide screen. With the addition of ROE CB3 LED panels, this mega set-up delivered a jaw-dropping 24 million pixels.

Lighting in the Keynote theatre was thought up by Russell Grubiak who created a stunning design to complement the on-screen content, whilst delivering dramatic walk-on stings and ensuring the speakers remained beautifully lit throughout.

Audio was delivered using a high-quality system that utilised the latest technology to ensure that sound was delivered evenly across the entire space, ensuring everyone in the audience received the same incredible audio experience.


Taking guests on a journey around the world, this year’s Summit Celebration saw guests party their way through Japan, India, Switzerland, America, France and the UK. From Taylor Bennett Partners vision, we worked with Bimblabee Productions to deliver the wow factor including a projection mapped replica of No.10 Downing Street that allowed guests to catch a peek of Theresa May’s legendary dance moves through the window. A 9-metre-high version of the Golden Gate Bridge created the perfect viewing platform to survey the spectacular surroundings.

Revellers danced the night away to pop sensation Jess Glynne, DJ Benny Blanco and Adobe Summit regulars The Earth Lights. To create the perfect stage background to display vibrant video content and allow beams to pass through, the Hawthorn team installed 181 panels of GLUX BAtn LED panels. A striking lighting design full of dramatic beams and effects enhanced the party atmosphere.


“The Adobe Summit is where experience makers are born so the pressure is always on to find new ways to immerse and amaze delegates. By getting technical experts such as Hawthorn on board, we’re able to utilise the latest technology to create engaging brand experiences that forge everlasting memories. We have a fantastic relationship with Pete and the Hawthorn team and no matter how crazy the idea, I always know that they’ll rise to the challenge and find a technical solution that will turn my vision into reality.”   

Russell Bennett,
Partner at Taylor Bennett Partners