We teamed up with the Smart Group to deliver a successful Showcase event that relaunched Battersea Evolution to the event industry; demonstrating its amazing flexibility and unveiling its new brand. As technical partner to the venue, we delivered the full technical production for the event, which included creating and delivering a virtual reality experience for 280 guests.



Working alongside the Smart Group team, we created a high impact unique set up within the venue – designed to demonstrate the size and flexibility of the space whilst retaining an intimate atmosphere. Production for the evening included an elegant lighting design that packed a punch for the 40m kabuki reveal complete with pyrotechnics. Slick on-screen footage was shown on 8 16ft HD projected screens whilst over 160 tungsten and 50 intelligent lighting fixtures demonstrated the scope and flexibility of the venue.

We further enhanced the ‘Battersea Experience’ by creating a virtual version of the venue. Using cutting-edge virtual reality headsets (HTC VIVE) guests immersed themselves in 360° visuals of three example technical production setups at Battersea, created to give viewers an insight into how the hugely flexible and unique space might be transformed for their event.


Attendees were able to explore the venue setups to experience the production from a range of positions within the space, through the eyes of their potential guests Two ‘headset stations’ were created – each with a 60in screen behind them, to intrigue onlookers and enable them to see what the headset user was seeing.



“Battersea Evolution is a hugely flexible venue and the most fantastic blank space for creating amazing events as the Showcase evening demonstrated; virtual reality is a really fun, interactive and immersive way of showing what can be achieved in the space. The possibilities really are endless and offering guests the opportunity to step into ‘virtual Battersea’ was a real hit on the night!”

James Hunter, Project Director at Hawthorn