POSTED ON 18/12/2018

Here at Hawthorn, we’re passionate about investing in the latest technologies to bring our clients cutting-edge production solutions. This is why we’ve added Zero 88’s FLX and FLX S Series consoles to our inventory.

Designed to save users time whist maximising their creativity, the FLX lighting console is fully featured, portable and easy to use. The console has been developed to work in a wide range of demanding situations with specific considerations for live events & hire and touring productions. The FLX S console is portable, easy to learn and simple to use whilst delivering all the features you need. This, along with our existing relationship with Zero 88 products, made the consoles the ideal choice to join our hire shelves.

Talking about the latest investment, Adrian Searle, our Asset Operations Director said “We can all clearly see the benefits of the FLX feature set and appreciate the fact that Zero 88 hardware and software has a history of making complex programming tasks exceptionally straightforward. FLX had some definite innovations compared to other products that made it the best choice for us.”

The new batch of FLX consoles have replaced some of our older consoles which have served well for many years but are now not ideal for controlling the proliferation of LED based fixtures on the market.

“The FLX is a great choice for our corporate events work which involves a lot of LED light sources where the operator/designer needs to be creative, often with precious little time to programme and integrate them into a show” adds Searle. “The console is perfect for this scenario with its colour picker and the quick and easy set up.”

Since joining the fleet, the versatile products have already proved extremely popular, with them featuring in several of our venues at 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival – specifically Assembly and Summerhall – along with several corporate conferences and theatre productions.

Contact us to find out more about hiring a FLX console for your next project.