POSTED ON 14/12/2020

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a challenging one! Whilst this year hasn’t turned out the way we all would have hoped, we’re incredibly proud to be part of an industry that has shown passion, resilience and strength. So, whilst Christmas celebrations may be different this year, let’s keep connected and stay inspired!

Our Hire Desk will be closed from Friday 18th December and will reopen on Monday 4th January. However, if you do need any technical assistance please email us at hire@hawthorn.biz or call 01664 821111

POSTED ON 30/09/2020

We’re busy gearing up for the #WeMakeEvents global day of action taking place on 30 September to highlight how the global live events industry urgently needs to get back to work. 

More than 30 million people in 25 countries would usually work in the events industry, but with social distancing measures and other restrictions in place, there is no possibility of a financially viable return for the foreseeable future.

POSTED ON 28/08/2020

Ben Erwin, President and CEO of PSAV/Encore, provides his perspective on the current state of the events industry due to COVID-19, the impact to our company, the strategic adjustments we have taken, and his vision for the future as our new CEO. Click here to watch Ben's message. 

POSTED ON 03/08/2020

With event organisers turning to virtual and hybrid solutions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, senior project manager Tom Ring shares his thoughts on the new generation of events.

On July 17th, the UK government announced what we have all been waiting for: live performances can resume on August 1st, and conferences and business events on October 1st.  While this is great news for our industry, the threat of COVID-19 remains and events should follow our MeetSAFE guidelines to minimize risk.

POSTED ON 06/07/2020

Combining years of event experience and technical know-how, we offer a bespoke and expert service for organisers looking to add a virtual element into their events.

POSTED ON 11/06/2020

Although countries are now slowly starting to loosen COVID-19 lockdown measures, we understand that there is still a long way to go before our industry returns to normal. The pandemic has forced us all to change and adapt but one thing that hasn’t changed is our unwavering passion to deliver extraordinary event experiences that connect and inspire audiences.

POSTED ON 29/05/2020

PSAV, a global leader in event experiences and parent company of Hawthorn, has created MeetSAFE, a set of guidelines to help the live event industry safely adapt to the changing landscape for meetings and events. As the world begins to reopen from COVID-19 shutdowns, PSAV successfully provides guidance for event planners on how to safely and responsibly host events.

POSTED ON 19/05/2020

A message to our customers, venue partners and friends. From all of us within the PSAV International family - We Miss You!

And we miss the moment when all attendees have taken their seats, the lights dim and what started as an inspiring idea unfolds into a great live event. Goose bumps! We miss these moments deeply and can hardly wait to relive them again. Because for us, live events and meetings are more than just a job. They’re our passion and we love what we do. And when that moment comes again, our team is ready!

Until then we are #StrongerTogether


POSTED ON 27/03/2020

We understand how planning a virtual event can be a shift outside of the norm. From digital design and technology platforms to engaging your audiences in new ways, virtual events open a whole unique set of challenges.

POSTED ON 23/03/2020

Whilst you might be used to seeing our tech deliver incredible event experiences, did you know that it can also help in the fight against COVID-19? Usually used to handle large-scale video content, the CPU and GPU power from our media servers has been put to work assisting with the Folding@Home project.