POSTED ON 11/04/2019

Putting event technology firmly in the spotlight, Prolight + Sound returned to Messe Frankfurt in Germany for four jam-packed days of product launches, events and networking opportunities. With numerous halls of audio, video, rigging and lighting technology, the show provided a comprehensive overview of the latest industry trends and technologies whilst also offering a huge range of lectures and presentations. Our Asset Logistics Director Adrian Searle headed over to the show to get clued up on the latest innovations hitting the technical production scene in 2019. Adrian talks us through his top Prolight + Sound highlights.

ETC Augment3d

Visualising systems have been around for many years, both control system specific or stand-alone, so why is this different? This system concentrates on storing the physical position of the unit in 3D space within the patch of the console setup. This enables the user to exchange or update focus positions from venue to venue simply by changing the location of the fixture within this stored 3D value. It has many different viewing options and a ‘find my light’ function for those times when you need to work out what fixture is causing that light spill. Linked with this is an update of the Eos Focus Remote App that can help in creating focus presets at the click of a button on your mobile. Best of all, it’s free! Keep your eyes peeled for V3.0 coming in early summer 2019. Find out more here.


Ayrton Perseo IP65 Rated Moving Profile

Bright, lightweight and looking less like an IP fixture, the new Perseo from Ayrton provides a solution to using fixtures outside in damp conditions. It’s equipped with a new 500W LED source calibrated at 8000 K and delivers 27,000 lumens via an 8:1 zoom ratio of 7° to 56°. Ayrton has created this next generation luminaire with a new minimalist design in lighter weight die-cast aluminium, incorporating full weather-proofing features that ensure easy accessibility. 


TMB GBS 4-in-1 Network Switch

Having a simple seamless solution for a live and back-up data network has always been a challenge if the equipment is not designed to operate in that way by the manufacturer. TMB has produced a 1U rackmount switch/merger that does just that!  As an example, you can have two lighting desks, having the same show set to the same IP address and if one went down, you can simply switch over from one to another with minimal downtime.  You can also configure the switcher as a merger, taking multiple network feeds and combining them into one.

Robe T1 Profile and Wash

New from Robe is their next generation LED additive fixture range with the Wash fixture making its debut at the show. Aimed for applications where the quality of the light is of utmost importance, it features inbuilt DataSwatch for quickly creating the most common 237 colours.  Both units are ultra-quiet, small in size but high in output! Find out more here.


Robe SilverScan

Another exciting product from Robe this year is a reinvention of a product that they started with 25 years ago – a mirror scanner.  With super-fast mirror movement, the bright and colourful SilverScan utilises all the massive improvements that technology has gained over the years. Another big advantage is its form factor.  It is much shallower than a moving head and can be used in locations where space is at a premium such as a low-level ceiling in a hotel room.

Neutrik XLR TOP

Something as simple as a bad connection can cause havoc to a system and getting water in your connectors can be a nightmare. The new product range True Outdoor Protection (TOP) from Neutrik ensures that work can go on without weather influences and temperatures getting in the way.

Penn Elcom Split handle

Perfect for those occasions when the depth of the case will not allow a normal dish handle to be fitted! 

Photo credit: Messe Frankfurt Ehibition GmbH - Pietro Sutera