POSTED ON 22/06/2018

Here at Hawthorn, we’re committed to offering our clients innovative production solutions, meaning we’re always on the hunt for the latest cutting-edge kit hitting the market. The most recent piece of equipment to catch our eye is Barco’s UDX-4K32 laser projector. Offering 31,000 lumens of light output and 4K resolution, we couldn’t wait to add this – the flagship of the Barco UDX range – to our inventory.

With the new units available to hire from Hawthorn now, we asked Dave Barton, our Group Head of Video, why he thinks our latest laser projector is a must-hire piece of kit.

1. Brightness vs Power Consumption

Our Leicestershire HQ was lucky enough to feature on the UDX tour when the range was first announced so I was able to experience Barco’s latest offering first hand. The thing that I was most impressed by was the level of power consumption to brightness. Having a full 31,000 lumen output with consumption less than 16amp is great news for site installations and running costs, especially as there’s no compromise on colour or brightness.

2. Unmatched Colours

Another amazing thing about the UDX platform is that it offers the widest colour spectrum in the industry. Without compromising on brightness, the UDX colour quality matches the renowned Xenon quality and outperforms the Rec. 709 colour space. On top of that, they also feature Constant Light Output (CLO) functionality, which provides constant brightness and colour over time. It’s great having that piece of mind that the image you see when it’s fresh out the box, will be the exactly the same, again and again!

Working for agency Taylor Bennett Partners, we recently used 13 UDX projectors to create the mammoth 70metre long main screen and relays in the plenary at Adobe Summit EMEA 2018. As you would expect from an event by the digital giant, the screen content was detailed and vibrant so it was very important to use a projector that delivered super brightness and excellent colour reproduction. The UDX 4K32 units produced the result we were looking for and enabled us to create a plenary screen that really packed a punch.

3. Flexibility to get creative

With the ever-increasing demand for unique experiences at live events, it’s more important than ever before to work with equipment that lets you get really creative with your technical designs. With the compact size of the UDX-4K32 and the ability to rig it in any orientation, this projector is perfect for those imaginative projects or awkward-to-rig venues. The unique FLEX² feature also allows for tuning and locking of the projector’s brightness and resolution to a specific show. 

4. Pioneering Lenses

It’s not just the UDX projectors we’ve been investing in. We've also added a selection of Barco lenses to our stock including the pioneering 0.4 Ultra Short Throw. Whilst short throw lens are great for tight spaces, you often find that the lens curvature can make the image appear slightly rounded. Barco have fixed this with their 0.4 Ultra Short Throw lens and the images remain true. Also worth a mention is the physical offset available within the range of lens shift.  

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Barco UDX-4K32 and how they can help take your project to the next level, get it touch with our team here.