POSTED ON 12/04/2018

When planning an event in this day and age, consider using the newest and most exciting technology to both entice and interact with your audience. Whether you're utilising the tools in everyone’s pocket - the mobile phone - before, during and after your event or using the latest lighting, sound and video equipment, there's a wide range of tech available to help you deliver a successful event. We've teamed up with Eventbrite to help point you in the direction of the top tools to take your upcoming event to the next level.

Plan Smarter

To ensure your event is in the best place online and seen by as many eyes as possible, register your event online using a free platform, such as Eventbrite. These online platforms help you organize ticket sales, increase awareness, and allow you to reach new audiences to maximize attendance numbers.

Light it up!

The right lighting can completely transform your event and the best bit is that you don’t always need a big, expensive rig to create a striking and unique design. From simple fixtures that add depth and texture in a room, to moving lights that can create a vast array of striking, dynamic effects, a talented lighting designer combines creativity with technology to create impressive event environments. With most lighting fixtures now LED-based, not only will your event look spectacular, you’ll also be boosting those green credentials too.

Go Cashless

Make it as easy on your attendees as possible, by implementing a cashless system that allows them to leave money at home. Systems such as RFID wristbands have been popular at festivals and concerts lately, making check-ins, purchases and data collection easier for everyone. Event planners can utilize the system both during and after the event by analyzing data to improve things for next time.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition tools are multi-faceted and provide many benefits to events such as streamlining check-in, security and feedback. Try utilizing these tools to reach new audiences on social media. For example, Facebook's facial recognition software suggests profiles to be tagged in photos. Take advantage of this by encouraging attendees to post photos from your event to Facebook to find new audiences through searching their tagged companions. As attendees tag their friends, your posts will show up in more event-goer’s feeds, maximizing reach online.

LED vs Projection

With so many different display methods now available to show your content, it can be tough to know exactly which one is best for your event. A lot of factors can come into play when making the decision between LED and projection including venue size, type of content and ambient light levels. If you’re holding your event in a venue with lots of natural daylight, then an LED screen is a great choice as they have a higher intensity and are visible in full sunlight. If you’re looking to completely transform a large space and use effects such as 3D mapping, then projection is the way to go!

Creating Interactive Experience

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Event organisers are always on the hunt for new ways to immerse their guests and ensure their event is one to remember. With the fast-paced developments in video technology, such as 3D mapping and real-time generative content, you can create tactile brand experiences that allow guests to interact with content like never before.

VR and AR

Virtual and augmented reality are two of the hottest trends in event tech at the minute and the hype doesn’t seem to be dying down any time soon. With the launch of more accessible and affordable devices, it’s now even easier to incorporate VR and AR into your event. From transporting guests into far-flung environments, gamification or demonstrating a new product, the engaging possibilities of VR and AR are fast becoming limitless.

Don't forget the sound!

Adobe Summit EMEA 2017 - Taylor Bennett Partners

Audio is often the unsung hero of events and with all the exciting developments and trends in other technologies, it’s easy to push it to the bottom of your list. Don’t! Not only does the right audio ensure that all of your guests can hear exactly what’s going on, the emotional power of sound also plays a huge role in mastering the perfect brand experience. Without sound, even the most immersive event can fall flat so think about it early on in the process rather than as a last minute afterthought.

Your choices in upgrading event tech in 2018 don’t necessarily have to be the most expensive on the market. The most important thing to keep in mind is ensuring you’re investing in tech that will upgrade the experience of your event. Be sure to test all equipment before the big day, because the top priority of using any technology for your event is making sure it works!

To make sure you're getting the most out of all the awesome tech you're investing in for your event, you might even want to consider looking into some event marketing courses and information to figure out to get the word out about your event in the first place. Then when you're putting on the actual event, the experience you've put together and the awesome tech you have will have an even greater impact.