We get creative with technology to help deliver events that look and sound amazing.

As technical production experts, we immerse ourselves in your vision and bring it to life; collaborating with you to take ideas from concept to execution, creating truly incredible experiences. Share your ideas with us - our expert team will make them a reality.

We offer a complete creative technical production service for all types of events, from design and visualisation, motion graphics and content creation to lighting and set design and build, delivery and full project management. If you're looking for technical support for a particular aspect of your production, we can help with that too.

Mixing creativity and innovation with boundless technical expertise, we work alongside many of the biggest agencies and event management companies in the business to make stunning events happen.


It can start with an idea sketched out on paper. An atmosphere you want to create, a big reveal, an experiential challenge, a lighting design, a layout arrangement. Whatever you want to achieve, using the latest CAD and 3D technologies, we can design and visualise your event so that you can see it –experience it - before it happens.

We provide you with all you need to ensure all stakeholders share the same vision; working with you throughout the creative process, we use 3D images and walk-throughs to show you how your event could look at your chosen venue, from alternative designs, colours and seating arrangements to visualising the execution of an experiential creative concept.

Our project team will also work with your communications team to join up the dots between those all-important pre-event touch points through to the live event, ensuring the experience for your audience is fully immersive, on brand and on message.

Whatever the space, scale or style of event, we can help make sure it’s as amazing as you imagined it to be. You have a vision, we find a solution; we always do. The right people, the ultimate kit, a flawless delivery.