Founded in 2012, e-Luminate aims to connect art and technology through the medium of light. The week-long festival featured a series of events, workshops, and artistic projections and installations. The event kicked off in spectacular style on Friday evening with a Grand Opening Concert at Great St Mary’s Church.

Hawthorn’s team of technical experts and crew were bought on board to help transform the city’s iconic buildings and spaces into a stunning nightscape using low energy lighting technologies. In addition we supported the festival infrastructure, supplying power and cabling across the city.


We teamed up with e-Luminate regular, artist Susie Olzak and local manufacturer Pulsar to create ‘Colour Your City With Light’, an interactive installation based at Senate House. Just moments away, the Great St Mary’s Church will showcase the work of Ian Kirby. Supported by international lighting specialists SGM, alongside Hawthorn, Ian’s ‘The Light Hub’ drew on inspiration from last year’s pop-up gallery on Parker’s Piece. Over on Market Hill things got retro as Hawthorn joined forces with Panasonic to support Jack Beccegato and Carlo Fiorini’s ‘Pong’ installation, an interactive display inspired by 70’s video game Atari.


“Working together with Hawthorn, a long term supporter and key sponsor of our Festival, is always exciting. Peter and his team looked after the large scale lighting projects we are hosted this year and supported artists and technologist with their creativity and problem solving ability.”

Alessandra Caggiano, Director and Curator of e-Luminate Cambridge Festival