V&A Glastonbury: Land and Legend

Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, Prague V&A


We worked alongside the V&A Theatre and Performance design team to deliver ‘Glastonbury: Land and Legend’, an immersive film and sound installation created from footage and sounds captured at the 2014 Glastonbury Festival. The installation was part of the V&A’s Archiving Glastonbury Festival, which explores the ethos of the largest green field performance festival in the world.


Hawthorn collaborated with the design team to produce and install the set structure necessary to support the video and sound equipment that would see their creative vision come to life. The Hawthorn team were tasked with bringing everything together over a 4-day install.

The first step was to build the set structure, comprised of 135 pieces of scaffolding, 16 panels of galvanised, corrugated steel, and 48 square metres of wooden flooring. The next step was to install the projection and sound equipment, before making final tweaks and testing everything in the space with the designers.

The end result was the first ever immersive video installation about the Glastonbury Festival; a truly collaborative effort. 


“It was a pleasure to work with Peter Boott and team on the V&A Glastonbury Land and Legend installation as part of the Prague Quadrennial 2015. Hawthorn went the extra mile to ensure that the installation opened on time and on budget, providing excellent technical solutions to our creative challenges!”
Kate Bailey, Senior Curator and Producer at V&A Museum