Paul joined Hawthorn as a Technician in 2012 and has spent the last five years working his way up through the ranks. All his hard work paid off and Paul was promoted to Project Manager earlier this year. Based out of our Leicestershire office, Paul looks after a range of projects but spends most of his time heading up events at The Roundhouse in Derby, where Hawthorn are an exclusive partner for all things technical. We caught up with Paul to find out a bit more about him and to see how life as a PM is treating him.

So you’ve recently been promoted to Project Manager, that must have been great news?
It was fantastic news! It’s great to have got this far within the company where I started out as a Technician. I’ve spent the last five years here building up my technical knowledge and gaining experience on-site so I’m thrilled I’m now able to head up some of our amazing projects. Being a Project Manager for Hawthorn is great because we have a massive amount of in-house equipment and an incredibly skilled team, so I’m able to offer my clients new, exciting ideas.

So you head up our events at The Roundhouse in Derby, what do you think makes it such a special venue?
The great thing about this venue is the history. It’s the oldest locomotive roundhouse in the world and dates back to 1839. As it is a Grade II listed building we need to be very careful with rigging and health and safety procedures to make sure we protect it. With working in this venue for many years as a technician, I know the ins and outs of the building extremely well. I have a great knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. It’s an incredible space to hold an event with some challenging rigs but this just makes it more of an interesting place to call my office.  

So after quite a few years in the business, what are your stand out moments?
My most memorable event must be the very first job I worked on as a Project Manager in The Roundhouse. It was a high-end Asian wedding for a very discerning client. It ran throughout the entire building, including the Library and the Carriage Shop Theatre. The level of production was enormous and we had very little time to get everything loaded in and rigged. The whole team pulled together and cracked on with the job, despite working some long hours. The result looked brilliant, the client was thrilled and it really hit home what an amazing team I work with.

Another job which sticks out for me was being the Front of House Sound Engineer for the Moonwalk London event. Operating on such a large scale was awesome and was something I really enjoyed during my Technician years.

So when you’re not at work, what do you enjoy getting up to in your spare time?

Before I started at Hawthorn I was a fully professional vocalist and musician and I’d perform every weekend up and down the country. Obviously, that’s not my day job anymore but I still manage to perform a couple of times a month which is great. Other than that, I enjoy going to the gym, working on my fitness and spending time with my two children. They definitely keep me busy!