Sadie Clapson is our font of all knowledge; there isn’t much she doesn’t know about who’s who and what’s what at Hawthorn!

Since joining us in 2008 she has been in demand from all areas of the business and worked in no less than five different departments, including most recently the Install and Sell team for the past two years. Let’s get to know her a little better and find out about life in installs and purchasing…

To kick things off, please could you tell us a little about your time at Hawthorn and how you came to be in your current role?

I’ve been with the business for over eight years now and first started out in our Drapes department where I spent two years before moving to Effects & Specials where there was the opportunity for me to get out on site more and work at some of our events. After a further two years Dave Slater (Head of Hire) persuaded me to make a move into the offices – we had recently acquired Anagram (our Cambridge base) and lots of administration work was required to load all the kit there onto InspHire, our hire management system.

After a year with the Hire team, it was on to our Dispatch team where I helped with logistics, admin and generally coordinating things in the office there. As our Install and Sell department was growing the opportunity came up for me to move again and so here I am!

It’s safe to say you’ve had a pretty varied Hawthorn career! So what does the life in Install and Sell look like for you?

The main focus of my role is our Sell function, coordinating box sales of equipment for all kinds of clients. In any given day I could be pricing up tenders, sourcing quotes, coordinating deliveries and – at the moment – working on celebrations for Hawthorn’s 30th anniversary!

I also lend support to the Install side of the team including coordinating our team of installation experts who are out on sites across the country.

You’ve spent a lot of time across so many areas of the business, what’s your favourite thing about working here?

The people. I’ve made so many friends here – everyone is friendly and approachable and I enjoy spending time socialising with them as well. It makes for a great working atmosphere.

The same theme extends to my current role as well; I’m able to build up a strong rapport with our customers – I see a phone number ringing and know who it is. It’s a nice feeling to be able show our clients a personal service and that we care about them.

So what did life look like before Hawthorn?

I can turn my hand to anything and have previously worked in mobile phone sales, as a groom at Melton’s local army camp and I’m even a qualified nails and eyebrow technician. So pretty varied!

Last but not least, what do you get up to in your free time?

Believe it or not I spend lots of time with Lydia Hawthorn – she sits next to me at work and our shared love of horses and food means we never run out of things to do. I am a bit of crazy cat lady and have four cats as well as a dog called Deefa who I like to take out and about – often with a stop off at the pub on the way home from our walks!