Introducing... Jordan Curtis

Title: Installation Delivery Manager

Jordan Curtis joined Hawthorn in September 2017 as an Installation Delivery Manager. With nearly two year’s within our Install team under his belt, Jordan has supported the delivery of a diverse range of technical equipment installation projects, from helping to transform theatre auditoriums and school performance and learning facilitites, to coordinating installations in corporate spaces and heritage buildings. 

As a valued member of our Install team, Jordan is an efficient guy, splitting his time between the office and installation sites, to ensure everything is going to plan. We grabbed him for a chat while he was in the office!

To kick things off, tell us a little about your career to date?

Before joining Hawthorn, I worked managing site installations from an electrical perspective having originally started out serving an apprenticeship as an electrician when I left school at 16. I worked my way up to managing large scale contracts, which is where I learnt my project management skills and site knowledge.

Over the years I gained a lot of experience in several different aspects of electrical installation work but I always had a passion for lighting and controls in particular. Lighting transforms and completes spaces and Hawthorn is at the forefront of that, so when an opportunity arose to use my skills on the technical equipment side of a project, it was a no brainer for me to make the leap!

Can you tell us a bit more about your role?

Essentially, its my job to manage the operational delivery of installation projects across our sites. So I handle the project planning, manage timescales and logistics and make sure the right resources are in place to enable our team of installation technicians to deliver for our clients.

I’m the main point of contact for our clients, so keeping the lines of communication open with our project partners is a really important part of my job. I often meet with consultants and suppliers as we’re all keen to ensure our clients have the solutions that is right for them and best for their space. Having those working relationships up and running is fundamental to the smooth running of a project and of course it’s also great because we can troubleshoot any challenges together as needed. 

I’m also involved in responding to tender opportunities, so I’m often pricing up quotes and pulling information together for new potential projects.

What might your typical day look like?

If I’m heading to a site, I’m often up with a strong cup of coffee to catch an early train! On a site visit I’ll usually be part of design and planning meeting with our partners and client or on a walkaround with our team to review progress and plan the next phase for delivery. I work really closely with our onsite team members to make sure they have have the information and resources they need to get cracking. I also help to organise and deliver training for our clients when the installation is complete.

When I’m back in the office, my day tends to go very quickly! I’m often in planning meetings or responding to emails or making calls to make sure we have all we need to keep an installation moving forward. We have an in-house team dedicated to purchasing and selling equipment so I work with them really closely to ensure new equipment is onsite at the right time for installation.

What do you enjoy about your role?

My role is so varied in terms of the projects I’m lucky enough to work on. I’ve been involved in some fantastic theatre restoration and refurbishment projects like Battersea Arts Centre, The Kiln and Bristol Old Vic that are just incredible to be a part of.

I love it when I get to go back and visit the spaces and see them in use, its just really rewarding. I recently visited The Kiln and it was fantastic to see how the vision for the project had translated into everyday life. The front of the building with the café had opened up onto the street and really invited the local community to be a part of it.  

I do particularly enjoy working with schools as the projects we’re involved in make such a difference to the way they can teach and how they do things within their performance spaces. I recently delivered training at a school and a student who has a real passion for technical production was involved in training by the staff, which is just brilliant.  

Has anything surprised you about the industry?

I’ve really enjoyed the variety of people I meet as part of my job. It’s such a creative and passionate industry and its clear people aren’t just there to ‘do a job’. They have a genuine love for it and an interest in what they’re doing and I’ve met so many different characters.  

And last but not least, how do you like to relax after a busy day?

The fun never stops when I get home as I have two kids who keep me on toes as soon as I walk through the door! I coach an under 7’s football team, which is enjoyable, but not necessarily relaxing. I play tennis too, I’m not the best but I try!