Attracting over 1,400 people from all corners of the live music business, the TPi Awards acknowledges and rewards the achievements of the most talented and successful individuals and service companies working within the industry. Held for the second year at Battersea Evolution, we worked closely with Fix8 Group and Robe Lighting to create a truly otherworldly light show for the Sci-Fi themed ceremony.



With a room full of industry experts, the pressure was on to deliver a spectacular lighting design that incorporated Fix8’s stunning video content and immersed the audience in TPI’s sci-fi themed experience. With an exceptional knowledge of the venue, we were well placed to take up the gauntlet.

To bring TPI’s futuristic vision to life, we worked closely with key sponsor Robe, who supplied over 300 lighting fixtures for the event. Tasked to show off their lights to their full potential, we created a design packed full of dynamics and drama.

Allowing fixtures to interact with the video, the impactful display featured piercing beams, colourful punches and accents and pixel-mapped content to mimic the action on screen.  We also placed lighting both between and around the edges of the screens to extend the visual focal point and immerse the audience.


To ensure guests were perfectly lit throughout the dinner, we installed a range of fixtures to provide a warm glow throughout the space along with animated breakup that swept across the 122 dining tables, floor and stage. 



“This was the biggest and best TPi Awards to date, and we have been blown away by the positive feedback and encouraging response received from our creative and technical audience. It was a fantastic evening which set the bar for the TPi Awards live production; Hawthorn and FIX8Group did an incredible job with their collaborative design.”

Hannah Eakins, General Manager of TPi Magazine & Awards